Paper Bags and Platforms

Are you a fan of the paper bag style pant?  It has always drawn me but I rarely find a pair that works for me.  It's one of those styles that has to fit and flow just right, because you are definitely adding volume and want to accentuate the waist as a balance.  The volume should look like it's coming from the fabric not you.  In my opinion that is how this style is flattering.   So I have tried on A LOT of this type of pant but rarely a success.

This style is quite popular right now with the high-waisted pant trend that is taking over.  Yessss.  And it's such a good one.  This style is effortless, aka easy, adding great interest to an outfit, simply add a tee and cute sandal, which is how I wore it the rest of the trip, and you're ready.  I just jazzed it up for photos.  You know, to make it more interesting.  I can't wear a tee shirt for every.single.post. 

Plus this awesome top is over 75% off right now.  You're welcome.

These particular shorts are from Numph DK.  A clothing brand I discovered at my favorite local clothing boutique Queen Anne Dispatch.  You can also find most of their line at Numph.com, and also some styles at Pintucked.  I can always count on this brand to have edgy yet sophisticated styles, mixed with bold happy prints and unique fabrics.  That is exactly the tune I like to sing, and I am always looking forward to their next designs. 

Speaking of tunes, random thought...I am the worst singer, and lately I can't help but bust out a tune, much to my children's dismay.  Not sure where that is coming from, it cracks me up.  It also warms my heart because my mom used to do the SAME thing to us and man was I always so annoyed.  Oh the eye rolls. 

Maybe someday they will appreciate my voice.  I often remind them that they used to ASK every night for me to sing them each a song at bedtime. 

Ok back to the outfit, because I cant leave out the shoes.  In two days I bought pastel sneakers and floral loafers.  And they are my marvelous rotation.  I freakin love these shoes.  Something about a whimsical floral, I love the mix of this feminine print with a more masculine loafer style shoe.  AND then add a platform with STRIPES.  These shoes also look particularly nice with a really undone hem.  I plan to get a lot of wear out of these.  ps - they are currently on sale for under $50.  Whoop Whoop.

You're welcome again. 

shirt - Derek Lam 10 Cosby c/o.  on sale 75% off in navy, in red.
shorts - Numph DK c/o.  find here
shoes - Abound, Nordstrom Rack
socks - not seen but SO necessary, Smartwool
sunglasses - Queen Anne Frame

And the beach hair situation, it's just so outside my comfort that I am not even going to mention it.  

Happiest Wednesday.

Photos by Angie.



Sneaks and Pleats and Spring To-Do lists.

I have never enjoyed to-do lists.  I actually spend a lot of my time avoiding the lists I make.  So clearly most of the time lists are counterproductive in my life.

But I will say that if I actually accomplish what I NEED to do AND manage not lose the list I made, AND I am organized enough to have written those things on said list - wow such satisfaction in crossing off each line.

Does anyone ever cross everything off?

Sometimes I add things just to be able to cross something off.

I have started to write down items like "laundry" and "washing my hair"  because those absolutely count.  And maybe they will help explain where all my time goes...I should really start including "nap."

The only list that I enjoy is a shopping list.  And for spring two top items on my list are a statement skirt and pastel sneakers.

What I LOVE about this skirt is the versatility.  It's unique enough to make a statement but still something that I can wear any day of the week.  It's a lightweight knit so it works year round easily.  There is a touch of metallic in the waste band, making it festive during the holidays and festival when the temp rises.  The pleats make me feel classic and preppy but the undone hem keeps it effortless and a bit boho - which makes it something that I gravitate towards.

About the sneakers.  Confession, I have not bought a pair of lace up fashion sneakers in as long as I can remember.  Walking into Nordstrom with the specific goal of purchasing sneakers, I had to laugh at myself.  But sneakers have won me over with their comfort and so much style, and I love the pairing of fancier items - dresses, and skirts - with sneakers.  An unexpected pairing is my favorite way to do fashion.  So these sneakers, after trying on probably 15 or more, were the winners.  I love the pastel lilac pinkish color with the chunky but not too chunky white soles and the under $100 price tag.  The rose gold heel detail was the kicker.

I envision wearing this skirt and sneaker pairing plenty over the next few months, with tees as shown, with tank tops and even sweatshirts.  It's an easy and a totally stylish momiform.

Maybe it will even help with my to-do lists.

A note on my bracelet stack.  The silver bangle is from Article 22.  Each bracelet purchased clears 3m of Laotian landscape littered with unexploded bombs from the Vietnam War.  I love this concept and company so much.  You can find this bracelet at my shop Queen Anne Frame.  

skirt - Numph c/o
shirt - Bobi also avail at Queen Anne Dispatch
shoes - Halogen, Nordstrom
sunglasses - Queen Anne Frame
bracelets - stone strands and silver bangle, Queen Anne Frame

Photos by Angie.

Happy Monday.



Finger Coiling. How I Style My Curls On Wash Day

Gosh I have been promising a curly hair styling tutorial video for so long, it's embarrassing.  But I just never felt like I had my act together enough to film and edit a video, and post it (well that part might still be the case.)

And had that perfectly placed bathroom plant.    

finger coiling curly hair

Then one Saturday, the lighting was so right, isn't it always about the light?  I had just washed my hair and was inspired mid product.  So in my pjs, no makeup on I propped my phone up on my vitamix - highest contraption I could find, and I filmed.  

The kicker... my video only exists in instagram.

How to watch it.

1.  go to @thekirstyfiles on Instagram,

2.  In my profile highlights it's called "wash day style"  ( I think you can only watch on your phone or Ipad - I know BIG eye roll.)

See not so bad?  and if in the meantime someone can teach me how to upload the video that would be grand!

cheers to babysteps.



Sweet Florals and Sour Neon

Amidst all the fabulous denim trends this season, skinny jeans are holding their own.  I love the updated higher waste.  Absolutely.  And the well-placed distressing.  These jeans are easy to wear for every occasion.  And they've clearly proved their staying power.  

I feel like if I pull out all the brightest clothing from my closet, warmer days will come.  Or at least my mood will be boosted.  So bring on the brights!  I love this lemony celadon green, mixed with the sweet florals of the shoes.  Sweet and Sour.  

Also, I feel like it's been a while since I've mentioned the mullet tuck.  This is a great way to show off those high-waisted fitted jeans without feeling overly exposed.  Just an "effortless" tuck in the front waste.  Now do you see the "mullet" part because it's still longer in the back.  This is such a flattering way to style an outfit, and yes even sweaters will benefit on this one.

My pearl of wisdom for this friday.

Now off to bed I go, so I guess it's still technically thursday.  

 jeans - Joe's  |  sweater  - Numph  |  shoes - Dolce Vita. 

Thank you to Fitcode and Tawnie for the photos.  



My Favorite Jean Silhouette, Currently.

Well this shot seriously challenged our core strength.  How could we not honor the shoes?  And this is how the fun with Fitcode started.  

But honestly these jeans, in a sea of embellished and bedazzled sometimes a simple silhouette speaks for itself.  And THIS silhouette is my current favorite favorite.  High waisted, fitted but not overly tight and a wider flare, with of course a cropped undone hem.  So I can still move in them, function as a mom but feel stylish.  These Joe's jeans got it right.

And when your jeans are simple, then you can make your outfit pop in other ways.  Think belts, shoes, accessories, statement shirts.

I have been wearing a lot of this silk scarf, not only as a necktie or headband, but now a belt.  Talk about versatile.  It works so well with my striped top.

And the icing on the cake, of course, is the stacked colorblock heels.  Stacked heels are much easier to walk in then their skinnier sidekicks, and they give great drama to your outfit.  These particular ones still happen to be available on sale.  Now if only spring would hurry up.  But I have also been wearing these jeans, since the shoot, with sneakers and flats and booties.  They work with everrrrything.


shirt - Theory, old.
my jeans c/o - Joes
Jenn's jeans - Joes
shoes - Botkier, Nordstrom.
silk scarf (as belt) - Queen Anne Frame
earings - Queen Anne Frame

I shared more of our Fitcode shoot on Monday if you missed it, and one more to come on Friday.

photos by Tawnie.

Happy Humpday